The participating groups

9th International Meeting of Youth Theatre sapperlot - 27th April - 1st May 2016 in Brixen/Italy - Don't miss it!!!!

The decision is taken. We are looking forward to meeting 11 wonderful groups here in Brixen.

Basildon TheatretrainUKWho's the man?Musical
Central Youth TheatreUKThe forgotten returnedDrama
The Piano TheatreRussia
Wings of ClownsPantomime
Theaterwerkstatt NEONGRÜNItaly
Theaterwerkstatt ZITRONENGELBItalyWilhelm TellDrama
Youth Theatre "KREGŽDĖ"
PolandDead DancerDrama
So TrupaRomania4x4Collage
My ArtGeorgiaEvolutionExperimental Theatre
Imagination Stage Dance Theatre USA After the Silence: The Story of Being Hushed  Dance Theatre
TAJROBENO (New experience) theater group Iran The story of Rand's Comedy
Theatretrain Ilford UK Who's the man?Drama

Thanks to all 34 groups that applied. All of you had amazing performances and it was very difficult to take this decision. We hope to see you somewhen in the future! Don't give up, please!